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Great features
Your professional tool.

Structured profiles,
relevant information.

Provide meaningful information about your work on beautiful and well structured profiles. This is your professional showcase.

Audio, Video and images
to illustrate your work.

Illustrate your professional activities in galleries, videos and audio samples. Embed media via Vimeo, YouTube and Soundcloud.

Publish and share events
in your calendar.

Publish your professional events in a beautiful calendar on your profile and share them easily on social networks.

Meaningful connections
for professionals.

Don’t only show who you know. On artoporta, the unique partner relation­ship enables you to show, who you are actually working with.

Your projects and ensembles.

Present all your projects and ensembles on individual profiles. Illustrate your activities and collabo­rations with other great artists.

Present, promote and connect your institutions.

Present your venues, festivals, competitions and more. Connect with your artists, members and fans. Make sure you are discovered.

It's beta.
Great new features
are under way.

Essential qualities
What artoporta stands for.

Professional environment, creative community.

Dedicated to professional networking and presentation. Well structured, clean and simple. All the tools, no hassle. That's just great.

Multilingual, across borders
and boundaries.

Just like a tool for artists has to be: interna­tional, multilingual, open minded, working across all borders and boundaries.

Music, drama, dance. Artists, ensembles, institutions.

Art forms, styles and genres united: facilitating collaboration, making it easy to find the right partners for every project.

Responsible action
The code of conduct.

Yay, it's free.
Using artoporta will always
be free of charge.

In the future, an additional PRO-Account will offer even greater features and ease of use for a small fee. Stay tuned.

Yay, it's safe.
Enjoy data protection
made in Germany.

Our servers are located in Germany and thus subject to strict data protection laws. We do not provide data to third parties.

Yay, it's green.
Green technologies and alternative energy.

We use energy efficient servers, powered with 100% hydro energy - eco-friendly and free of carbon dioxide emissions.

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