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Questions & Answers

What is artoporta?

The professional Network for performing artists.

And all their partners, contacts and fans.

On artoporta, artists, ensembles and institutions are united on a single platform. Across art forms and genres. International, multilingual and free of charge.

Artists, ensembles and institutions - they all present their work and their professional networks on artoporta. Well structured profiles provide comprehensive information on background, qualifi­ca­tions, activities and collaborations. These profiles provide potential partners, clients or employers with the perfect basis for selection, contacting or collaboration.

What features does artoporta offer?

Presentation, networking, acquisition, search.

Present your work well structured and comprehensively. Illustrate your activities vividly with photos, audio and video. Connect with professional contacts and feature your collaborations with great artists, ensembles and institutions. Easily find specific artists for your projects, potential partners or substitutes.

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How much does using artoporta cost?


Using artoporta is free of charge - for now and forever. To ensure the sustainability of this platform, we will offer an additional PRO membership for a fee in the near future. It will offer extended functionality and even greater ease of use. PRO accounts will also be 100% ad-free - for profile owners and viewers alike.

Do I have to sign up?

Yes, you need to sign up for free to interact on artoporta.

Profiles on artoporta are publicly available, unless the member restricts the visibility. Our search engine will soon also allow the public access to artist profiles.

To interact with our members, however, it is required to sign up for free with one's real name. This ensures the integrity and reliability of this platform and helps to prevent spamming and misuse.

How do I sign up?

Name, email address, password. And you're ready to go.

To sign up, you only need your name, an email address and a password of your choice. After signing up, you will receive a activation email: just click the link contained therein to activate your profile. And you are immediately ready to start.

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What is an artist profile?

The perfect showcase for any artist.

Artist profiles allow the comprehensive presentation of all relevant information. They comprise basic information like education or references as well as specific data, e.g. on physical attributes for actors or dancers. Artist profiles also allow the use of photos, videos and audio samples as well as the publication of professional events.

Please note: An artist profile is required in order to create an ↓ ensemble profile.

How do I create an artist profile?

Chose art form(s), provide information, done.

Just chose to present yourself as an artist during the sign up process. Or create an artist profile anytime later. To do so, simply click „artist profile‟ on your dashboard or „create artist profile‟ on the right of your profile and select the areas of your activities. Your profile will be extended immediately to allow the addition of information, media and events.

What are partners, contacts and fans?

Meaningful professional relationships.

As a professional network, artoporta provides differentiated forms of professional connections. Any connection on artoporta thus provides you with relevant information about the form of the underlying relationship.

Partners are those artists, ensembles and institutions that you are working with or have been working with successfully. They are displayed on your public profile and illustrate the context of your professional activities. Partners can thus serve as an indicator of quality and professionalism.

Contacts are all the people you want to stay in touch with - friends, colleagues, potential allies for future projects. We will keep you up to date about the activities of all your contacts. Contacts are not displayed on your public profile, so they are only visible for logged in members of artoporta.

Fans express their appreciation for artistic work. They are kept up to date about any public activity. Becoming someone's fan is thus a great way to follow interesting artists.

What is an ensemble profile?

The individual presence for all your projects and ensembles.

You can create individual profiles under separate names for all your ensembles. Every ensemble profile features it's own set of events, media files and network connections. Additionally, you can associate ↓ members with your ensembles. These members will be featured on the ensemble profile. In this manner, a network is created that reflects all your activities and collaborations and conveys a comprehensive image of your work.

How do I create an ensemble profile?

From artist profile to ensemble profiles with a single click.

If you already have an ↑ artist profile: simply click „create ensemble profile‟ on the right side of your profile or on your dashboard, chose the kind of ensemble you wish to create and enter the name. That's it! You can immediately start to provide information, media and events for your new ensemble, just the way you are used to. You can also easily associate ↓ members with your ensemble.

How do I add members to my ensemble?

From artist profile to ensemble profiles with a single click.

Invite members by visiting their profiles and clicking on „invite to ensemble‟ to the left under their profile portrait. If you have multiple ensembles, you can easily chose to which ensemble you wish to invite. Once the invitation is accepted, the invited artist will be featured as a ensemble member. In addition, the ensemble will appear prominently on the profiles of all it's members.

Let members request membership by visiting your ensemble profile and clicking on „artist request‟. Once you confirm the request, the artist will be featured as a ensemble member. In addition, the ensemble will appear prominently on the profiles of all it's members.

What does membership in an ensemble entail?

Increased Presence, complete presentation, automatic events & more.

Through membership in ensembles, a vivid overall picture of collaborations and projects is created, providing precious insights into one's work.

Members illustrate the extend and context of their professional activities. Ensembles receive additional attention, since they are present on the profiles of all their members.

Conversely, members are prominently featured on the ensemble profile, allowing visitors to discover the individual artists behind the ensemble. And all their further projects and activities, too.

The events of an ensemble are automatically published on the calendars of every member, too. This saves time and effort. If required, a member can of course easily remove such an ensemble event from his or her personal calendar.

What does „beta‟ mean?

Currently, artoporta is running in the so called „beta testing stage‟.

This means: artoporta is not yet „finished‟, the development continues. In the coming weeks and months, a multitude of improvements and new features will be released. During beta testing, minor problems might occur. We appreciate any Feedback concerning these issues, and we will work hard to fix them right away. Any ideas and suggestions are also most welcome - just get in touch via our contact form.

artoporta is the professional network for the performing arts. Join today, it's free!

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